[Zu den Informationen und zur Umfrage für Beratungsfachkräfte]

Do you ask yourself how you can
practise your profession in Germany?

On behalf of the German Ministry of Education, we are working on a website which should make it easier for you to enter the German job market.

We are therefore conducting user tests for which we are seeking test subjects.

Key points at a glance:

  • You have completed your vocational qualification or your studies outside of Germany
  • You want to work in your trained profession in Germany
  • You have time to take part in a one-hour test between 26th March and 7th April
  • We will arrange the exact time after you contact us
  • The tests take place at different locations in Germany – we will arrange a meeting point with you in your area
  • It is not you who is being tested, but rather a website. There is nothing that you can do wrong.
  • The test does not affect your employment permit.
  • You will receive €40 as a thank-you


Do you have time and wish to take part? Then please fill in the registration form:


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