One week in Tel Aviv – where to go, whom to meet?

One week in Tel Aviv – where to go, whom to meet?

9. April 2018 | von Kersten A. Riechers

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In Germany nowadays, it is good manners for business owners and managers to take a trip to the Silicon Valley. This spring, Jan and I will try something different: From April 28th until May 5th, we will visit Tel Aviv. For one week, we want to get to know the tech and start-up spirit the Israeli obviously are hardwired with. In return, we offer our insights on how to establish a vivid UX community that regularly tests each other’s prototypes – and how to make this a party!

Who we are and why we are doing this

Since 2010, quäntchen + glück has supported national and international companies in solving the problems the digital revolution gives them. Sorry, we don’t say challenge any more. We prefer the honest approach: It’s called problems. We are people who can design, text, code, strategize, calculate, innovate, craft – and talk! But we cannot tackle every problem with the same crew.

We scrutinize our concepts and prototypes in strategic sparrings with externals. Our designers are currently forming a hands-on meetup for design reviews and design criticism. We have been Barcamp enthusiasts for years, and as founding members of the local non-profit Digitale Darmstadt we believe in sharing knowledge for improving digital literacy throughout our society.

Whom to meet?

This will be our first time to Israel. We have heard a lot and read quite a bit about the Start-up Nation, especially about Tel Aviv, of course. Who should we meet with?

What we can give back

Meeting some strangers from Germany – it is a lot to ask, we admit that. If you meet us, we want to give something back. What you can expect from us:

  • A manual on how to establish sparrings that add real operational value
  • Insights about how we accidentally founded an international UX event that has chapters in 20 cities
  • Our experiences with our unlimited paid vacation policy
  • An answer to every question about Germany you’ve ever had. Okay, almost every question. We’ll do our best!

Hard facts

Kersten and Jan will be in Tel Aviv from April 29th until May 5th. We are happy about every hint and contact we get!

This is how you can contact us:

Jan-Kristian Jessen
+49 177 59 05 156

Kersten A. Riechers
+49 176 615 222 12

Thank you for your support!

BTW: If there is someone looking for company at a soccer match – drop us a line!


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26. April 2018 | ONMA Hannover

You have to tell us how your trip to Tel Aviv was.

How was the spirit in this country. I am so excited about your experience

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