Guten Tag, nice to meet you!

Since 2010, quäntchen + glück has supported national and international companies in solving the problems the digital revolution gives them.
Sorry, we don’t say challenge any more. We prefer the honest approach: It’s called problems. We are people who can design, text, code, strategize, calculate, innovate, craft – and talk!

We are used to work with multilingual interdisciplinary teams and we have done so for international companies such as Merck, Hyundai Motor Europe, Hilcona, Freudenberg.

Headquartered in the Frankfurt area, we are always open for a personal encounter at Frankfurt International Airport (FRA). Having clients all over Germany, you can also meet us regularly in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Nuremberg.

Not quite sure if we are the right choice for your endeavour? We have team members you can to talk to in: English, French, Japanese and of course in 1337 5p34k.

So if you are interested in entering the German speaking market, let’s talk:



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